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2018 has had a bunch of hot diet trends (we’re looking at you juice cleanses, Whole 30, Paleo), but how do you know which diet is the right fit for you? With plant-based lifestyles gaining momentum, many people are transitioning to vegan style diets. Or as some call it, Vegan-ish. This diet of the year is perfect for those who eat a vegan diet the majority of the time, but want to make their own rules along the way! We’re excited about all the yummy recipes we’ve seen this year, along with meal delivery services like Thistle that make eating vegan-ish super easy.

Back to the Basics

Let’s back up. If you’re not familiar with the vegan diet, this means no animal products including meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. Say hello to veggies and hummus and goodbye to cheese and charcuterie boards. So why are so many people eating mostly plant-based? Many go vegan for ethical and environmental reasons as well as many compelling health benefits. Clear skin, improved digestion, increased energy, and a lowered risk of disease are just a few common effects!

Why the “ish”?

Although there are awesome benefits, this diet can be tough to follow when you’re passed a piece of prosciutto at a cocktail party or need a pint of cookie dough ice cream after a long day. That’s why it’s time for you to write your own rules! Going Vegan-ish allows you the freedom to listen to your body and make the right decision for you on a case by case basis. Instead of feeling restricted, you should feel free and flexible!

Covet Picks

If you’re ready to try out Vegan-ish, we have some fun recommendations for you! First, head over to Instagram and follow these vegan-ish bloggers for some food inspo:

  • @minimalistbaker – easy plant-based recipes that take 30 minutes or less to prepare!
  • @sobeautifullyreal – stunning breakfast bowls and vegan treats full of nutritious ingredients
  • @andreabremis – this Portland-based farmer shares her recipe creations made with all local ingredients, with the occasional appearance of meat and dairy.

Ready to hit the kitchen? Be sure to try Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Bites with Herbed Tahini Dip or whip up a Creamy Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl for a breakfast that’s so beautiful you’ll have to ‘gram’ it. And when you have a sweet tooth (which we always do), try these No-Bake Vanilla Cake Bites.

Healthy Meals, Made Easy

On busy days when you don’t have time to chop endless amounts of veggies, you can still eat vegan-ish! We’re loving Thistle, a healthy, plant-based meal delivery service that costs less than eating out and delivers right to your door. This means more time with your kids, friends, or special someone, and less time in the kitchen. Menus are mindfully designed to meet your body’s needs with whole ingredients. In case you’re not ready to go full on vegan, Thistle offers meat options as well aka the best of both worlds. Give it a whirl and sign up for your first week of meals at!

Cheers to happy, healthy eating!!

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