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TGIS: Thank God It’s Summer! During the season of sunshine, beach vacations and outdoor barbecues it can be easy to let personal wellness fall to the wayside, but have no fear Covet PR’s here to provide our favorite tips & tricks guaranteed to leave you feeling 100 all summer long.

Stay Hydrated

This may seem like a no-brainer, but between beach days, camping and airplane travel it can be easy to simply forget to drink enough water. We keep CORE Hydration on hand because it delivers naturally pH-balanced water in an easy to hold contoured silhouette, making hydrating on the go easier than ever. Pro Tip: Get the 44oz so you’re not refilling as often!

Switch your Sunscreen

Imagine this: The sunscreen you’ve been using is actually doing more harm than good for your skin. This summer ditch your chemical-filled sunblock and switch to a mineral based one. This next generation of sun protection reflects rather than absorbs ultraviolet radiation, says Dermatologist Dr. Mark Lupin. If you want your skin to really sparkle in the sun add our favorite, Kopari Coconut Body Glow to your SPF lotion. Sayonara sun damage, hello protection and shimmer!

Get Moving

Hangovers, Sunburns and Vacation Days, Oh My! Are you giving yourself every excuse in the book not to work out? Yes, this is the season of relaxation, but not making time to move is not helping when cocktails and barbecue snacks are in the weekly rotation. It’s easier than ever to get outside when the weather is great, so find a workout buddy to motivate you, look for outdoor workout classes in your area or even a deal at your local gym or fitness studio. Summer is slow for many studios aka discount classes galore! If you live in a place with great weather like San Diego, take advantage of the beach and go on a scenic walk or run. We love a workout with a view, so frequenting Torrey Pines State Reserve and Lake Poway are beautiful places for those who love to hike. Torrey Pines’ panoramic beach views are awed by locals and tourists alike, however, hikers looking for a longer hike or an Instagram worthy photo at “Potato Chip Rock” head to Lake Poway’s more challenging path. Whatever works for you, schedule the time and your body and mind will thank you later.

Covet Your PTO

There are so many benefits to taking time off from work. Studies show that traveling is the ultimate wellness ritual boosting your memory, creativity, and mood. Traveling not only relieves stress but is also essential for a healthy heart. According to the 20-year-long Framingham Heart Study, women who vacationed less than once every six years were almost eight times more likely to develop heart disease than women who traveled twice a year or more.

Not all time off has to include a lavish trip across the globe cost an arm and a leg or use your full two-weeks vacation. Covet’s favorite weekend getaways are right around the corner, no flights needed. Here are our top staycation spots to get a little taste of those bucket list cities:

Island Getaway- Find yourself on Island Time, just a skip hop and a drive over the Coronado Bridge to Coronado Island. This peninsula off the coast of San Diego needs to be your next staycation getaway. Paddleboarding, Segway tours, beach time and incredible dining experiences are only a few of our favorite things to do in Coronado.

Tropical Tease- Tucked away in the heart of Mission Bay sits Paradise Point Resort. This tropical oasis offers bayside rooms, water skiing, tennis, relaxing spa treatments and so much more. If you need a taste of the tropics, head over to Paradise Point for a weekend of fun and relaxation.

For the Rancher- Just an hour outside of San Diego you’ll find Warner Springs Ranch Resort. This Ranch escape allows you to stay in quaint cottages while enjoying amenities like mineral hot springs, tennis and beach volleyball as well as hiking and biking trails, horseback riding and hunting and fishing. Ideal for the outdoorsy adventurer!

This season, take an actual break from work, put your phone down and use this time to not only relax but spend it with people closest to you.

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