While you may have started following her for her contouring tips and dewy skin selfies; it’s no wonder that years later you still find yourself just as excited to double tap each blush pink boarded post. That’s right, Covet PR sat down with your favorite Lifestyle Blogger, Lauryn Evarts, to learn how she built her very own entrepreneur & blogging empire.

Self-rated as “The most popular health and fitness blog in the world.”, The Skinny Confidential is a blog that has always beat to its very own drum and inspired the new wave of up and coming Bloggers to do the same. Whether you’re hooked on her blog, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Podcast or Book – this blue-eyed blonde gives her community a complete lifestyle guide covering topics from health and diet to fashion, relationships, beauty and everything in between. Lauryn caught up with us earlier this month over mouth-watering Pitaya Plus smoothie bowls made with Covet PR client, Suja’s, soon-to-launch, Plant Protein Milk to give us the skinny on all things TSC.

C: How does authenticity play into your role as an influencer?

L: Never sell out for $$$, play the long game. Don’t promote s*** you don’t actually like, it ruins your credibility. Choosing authentic partnerships that align with your brand leads to the most success.

We know that in the PR industry, clients are often looking to both Micro and Macro Influencers to promote awareness of their brand, company, service or product. We loved learning that Lauryn has actually built her following by being selective, remaining true to herself, and only choosing to partner with brands that align with the overall TSC vision, regardless of whether the partnerships are paid for or not. 

C: How do you decide which channels are best for each piece of content?

L: I streamline and link all of the channels I use. For example, if I am making pancakes, I share the cooking on Snapchat and tell my community to check out the final product on Instagram, and once on Instagram, I link the recipe to the blog. It all comes down to consistency.

Our favorite take away from listening to this blog boss share her process was learning how Lauryn strives to give her audience value at all times. Whether through connecting followers in comment chains on her Instagram posts or being totally candid with her husband, Michael Bosstick, on The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast, she is always leaving her community with a key takeaway.

Today, while Influencers are creating content that feels self-focused, and are engaging in the newest Social Media trends like comment pods to gain likes & comments, Lauryn is creating her own playbook. She spends her time more efficiently by genuinely following, connecting and hosting meet-ups for her loyal community. That, she shared is her best-kept secret to her ever-growing success and following.  

C: What are Influencers looking for when it comes to product & packaging?

L: Bottom line, when an influencer genuinely loves a product, they will integrate it into their everyday life and post about it organically. That’s the goal – If I get a necklace and I love the necklace, I am going to wear it to death whether it was sponsored or not.

Furthermore, Lauryn shared the importance of being detail oriented and personalizing product sends. Take time to consider the Influencer, and respect their time by sending product and packaging you know will be well received and post worthy.

For example, a jewelry brand looking to have Lauryn rock their new line of bling should consider the hundreds of necklaces she’s received engraved with “L” or “Lauryn”, so think outside the jewelry box and send her a pendant engraved with “Boss”, short for Bosstick, and you’re bound to garner a much more positive response or even post.

C: Where do you think the Influencer space is moving in this coming year?

L: Everything is going audio. Podcasts are an untapped space and they are extremely powerful. Podcasts give unique insights and values that no other platform does because your audience is able to listen to you. You are literally in their ear. Plus, you are able to respect their time by allowing them to cook, workout, or paint their nails while they listen.

Lauryn also made it a point to passionately share with us that blogging is NOT over-saturated. Blogging isn’t going anywhere anytime soon as it has become an integral form of advertising and a way for consumers to engage with brands. 

C: What are you working on now?

L: Next stop: “Focusing on TSC  podcast and working on my second book and a product line.”

Lauryn wouldn’t spill all the beans but she did share that when her line launches the details will be on point, (we all know she loves a detail!) and the Influencer’s ease to photograph and excitability to share her product and packaging will all be top of mind.

We literally can’t wait. A big “Thank you!” for dropping by and sharing your infinite wisdom and authenticity with us Lauryn!

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